• Lime plaster

    Lime Offers many benefits over modern cementitious plasters. Modern materials aim to prevent movement and moisture permeation penetrating the building. Lime has the opposite effect. It accepts that moisture and movement are inevitable and allows for these two eventualities. This results in both the plaster, and the masonry it binds to, enduring against the elements for longer. Modern systems add a barrier to prevent moisture reaching internal areas. This doesn’t stop vapour penetration into the masonry and often leads to masonry erosion and a degradation to the fabric of the building. A large part of why Britain has such a rich tradition of centuries old buildings is the utilisation of lime plasters.

    Although the traditional form of lime plastering has a proven track record and numerous benefits, the modern world has certain demands that can now be met by an evolution of lime plasters and renders. These demands include a faster setting speed, increased mineral and vapour repellence and insulating properties.

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