Modern Plastering

In the past the plaster was lime, but this was soon replaced by modern plastering methods with gypsum or cement-based plasters to speed-up the setting time.

Gypsum based plasters tend to be used in new builds, and are a lot more brittle and harder compared to traditional lime putty which is found in older constructions.

Modern day plasters are premixed gypsum based for the render and finishing plasters.

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Picturesque new build in a rural setting. Modern plastering techniques applied throughout. Hardwall and multi-finish



New build project in Toddington. All walls floated in with ‘Hardwall’ and Gypsum ‘multi-finish’. Building designed with old style sensibilities with the benefit of smoother modern finishes.


Thin coat render

Thin coat ‘Baumit’ coloured render system to cover perished brickwork. Base coat with flexi-mesh to increase strength and prevent cracking. Thin coat coloured top coat brought to a textured finish.

Waterstones – Birmingham

Thin coat render

Thin coat external render system applied to ceiling outside Waterstones in Birmingham.

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