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Why lime plaster?

Lime plaster offers many benefits in the right circumstances. Old buildings were often designed with no cavity wall. This means no break existed from water penetration from the external façade. Lime plaster allows a building to breath and absorbs moisture in a natural way.

Where should I use lime plaster?

Any building that originally had lime plaster should always re-instate in the same fashion. Utilising modern plasters on old buildings can trap moisture (that was designed to be absorbed) and lead to damp issues. Types of lime plaster can also be used on new builds if the aesthetic is desired.

How many types of lime plaster are there?

Over recent years there have been many developments in the lime plaster industry. The desire to fit in with modern construction standards has seen a rise of quick setting limes. Traditional lime putty can take weeks to dry so a series of Natural Hydraulic Limes have been developed. These will set in a 3-7 days. There are a number of options including Through coloured, insulating, moisture resistant and renovating limes to name but a few.

Does lime plaster have to be textured and rustic?

The development of the aforementioned products mean it is now possible to achieve a much smoother, modern finish whilst still enjoying all of the benefits associated with lime applications.

How much?

Every job is different so offering a fixed rate impossible. The time required and material costs result in a more expensive process than modern applications but we are always happy to discuss any project and offer a free quotation.

Do Heritage Plastering just do lime plastering?

We do all forms of traditional and modern plastering. All the way from standard internal finishes to machine sprayable and thin coat render systems.

How far do you travel?

Generally we cover a radius of about 100 miles from our base in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

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