Lime Plastering

Lime plastering is a traditional and in historic applications, intregal part of the building industry in England. As well as its unique abilities to ‘Breathe’, it also can bring an unsurpassed flexibility to a building or structure.

Lime handled in the correct manner proves to be a first class binder with a fantastic plasticity to it, which from a plasterers point of view makes it very pleasing to work with.

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Garage – Hawkesmoor

Lime plastering

New build rustic 3 car garage in Hawkesmoor. Standard 3 coat traditional lime putty system. Grained finish left unpainted to enhance traditional, rustic style.


Lathing plastering

Barn conversion. Application of 3 coat NHL 3.5 lime plaster system onto 400m2 of sawn lathes. All timber fixed with stainless steel fixings Stud base utilised to straighten walls.

Wick Farm – Apperley

Insulated lime renders

Farmhouse renovation in Apperley. This project utilised Unilit 20 and 30 insulating and moisture resistant lime plasters. This property has single skin brick panels between oak frames.

To achieve sufficient insulation on an uneven background whilst ensuring breathability and movement, we applied unilit 20 insulating lime plaster. To achieve the required insulating factors the external coat was applied at min 25mm with the internal coat at min 15mm.

We also utilised unilit 30 moisture reducing lime render on the low level areas to negate rising damp. This project consisted of a 4 coat system with a scud coat preceeding the backing and finishing coats.


Coloured lime renders

Lime render job situated in Longhope, Gloucestershire. Gable end and front elevation that required lime render to aid problems experienced from previous sand and cement render coat. Uneven stone masonry on gable end required stainless steel mesh to ensure adherence.

2 straightening coats of Intercromex lime stabilising render was then applied to flatten out uneven surface and bind for following Mono coloured render. Top coat render was then cut back to achieve rustic feel.


Coloured lime renders

Application of Intercromex and Mono stastier coloured lime render. Ashlar line feature marked into render.


Coloured lime renders

2 stage coloured lime render system. Stable block with Ashar line feature and traditional timber formed corners.

Intricate rustication to courtyard area. All corners and rustication timber formed.


External 3,5NHL lime renders

External 3 coat lime render system to staff accommodation for Eton college.


External 3,5NHL lime renders

Aggregrate dashed lime render to retaining wall and greenhouse. Utilised air compressor and dash spray gun to achieve consistent, uniform finish.

Pretsbury Chimney

External 3,5NHL lime renders

Exposed painted brickwork chimney was resulting in internal damp problems. To solve problem we first affixed stainless steel mesh to painted brickwork.

We then applied 2 coats of standard NHL based lime render with corners formed by wood templates in accordance with conservation requirements. Final coat of Unilit 40 to create closed sponged finish.

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